Update: Enhancing Trust and Cosmic Security: POTHEADS Blazes On with UNCX Network, Extending Liquidity Lock for 7 Mind-Blowing Months

2 min readMay 29, 2023
POTHEADS Blazes On with UNCX Network, Extending Liquidity Lock for 7 Mind-Blowing Months

Hey, fellow POTHEADS! We’ve got some far-out news to share. The POTHEADS crew is teaming up with the righteous UNCX Network to extend our liquidity lock, keeping things safe and secure in our cannabis cosmos. We’re adding a mind-blowing 7 extra months to the lock, blazing through until December 31, 2023.

UNCX Network is like our cosmic guardian, providing top-notch services to protect our precious liquidity. They’re known for their cutting-edge solutions, ensuring that our community can trade, transact, and toke with ultimate peace of mind. Together, we’re forging a partnership that’s higher than the clouds and as solid as the dankest bud.

This extended liquidity lock is our way of showing you, our stellar community, that we’re in it for the long haul. No worries about rug pulls or liquidity concerns. We’re committed to building trust and reliability, so you can focus on embracing the POTHEADS vibe and exploring all the possibilities of our cannabis-inspired universe.

With UNCX Network by our side, we’re raising the bar on security and amplifying our dedication to sustained growth. They’re like the ultimate bong hit, adding an extra layer of protection and reinforcing our commitment to transparency and longevity.

So, my fellow POTHEADS, as we journey through this cosmic adventure, remember to stay engaged, stay lifted, and spread the love. The extended liquidity lock until December 31, 2023, is our green light to keep blazing on with confidence and trust. Together, we’ll create a community that’s stronger than ever, united by our passion for all things green.

Note: Check out the original Liquidity Lock details and original article here

About UNCX Network

UNCX Network (formerly Unicrypt) is the industry standard for liquidity lockers, token vesting and presale launchpads. With us, investors and project creators enjoy peace of mind from knowing that they’re operating on an established platform.

UNCX Network is a project run by devs that are ethical, professional, and who care. We’re the most trusted large liquidity locking service provider and our tech is renowned. When locking, launching, or investing, remember:

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